cold watermelon gazpacho recipe

Watermelon gazpacho recipe

When summer arrives I love to prepare recipes that help reduce the feeling of heat. My favorites are cold soups, specifically, all kinds of gazpachos .

On this occasion I bring to the blog a version of Andalusian gazpacho softer and with a sweet touch .

It is watermelon gazpacho, a cold soup made with watermelon, easy to prepare and very refreshing . The sweetness of the watermelon contrasts very well with the acidity of the tomatoes. Besides, It provides a large number of benefits and properties to our body .

Preparation will take us very little time. we just have to Crush the watermelon, tomatoes, pepper, cucumber and onion. Add a little vinegar, oil and salt .

If we want to add a little consistency we can add pieces of bread soaked in the mixture .

It is important let it rest for 1 to 2 hours before serving the dish . Especially if we want the watermelon soup to be very cold and help us relieve the sensation of heat in our body.

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With that said, let's go to the kitchen to prepare our fabulous watermelon gazpacho!

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How to make watermelon gazpacho

  1. We cut the pepper in half, remove the seeds and pour plenty of water. We cut into pieces and reserve.
  2. We peel the garlic and cut it into slices. We do the same with the onion or chives. We save for later use.
  3. We wash and peel the tomatoes. It is important that they are ripe to facilitate crushing.
  4. We peel and cut the watermelon. It is important to remove all the seeds and leave it well cleaned before putting it in the blender.
  5. We peel the cucumber and cut it into slices.
  6. We place all the vegetables inside the blender glass. We wet the stale bread and add it inside with the rest of the ingredients of the cold watermelon soup.
  7. We add a splash of oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt.
  8. We beat all the ingredients until we obtain a homogeneous mixture. We taste and if necessary we add salt, oil or vinegar.
  9. We put it in the fridge or refrigerator and let it cool for at least 1 hour. This way it will be very cool, perfect for hot summer days.
  10. We serve in 4 glasses and we can now enjoy a refreshing summer starter.

Garnish for watermelon gazpacho

We can add some foods to our gazpacho to accompany it and make it a more complete dish. I like to add pieces of watermelon, croutons (toasted bread), pieces of cucumber or pieces of pepper. Sometimes I also add a hard-boiled egg.

We can add all kinds of vegetables. In this way we can turn the starter into a very healthy main dish with a multitude of properties and benefits.

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