banana smoothie recipe with kiwi

Banana Kiwi Smoothie Recipe

My passion for shakes, shakes and smoothies began one summer during a trip to Thailand. In this Asian country, tropical fruit smoothies are very common and are sold everywhere.

Every day I ate 2 or 3, not only to beat the heat but because they were delicious.

The smoothie that I bring to the blog today is kiwi and banana, a healthy and very simple recipe to prepare that will provide a large number of benefits to your body.

The measurements for this recipe are only indicative, since some like it more liquefied and others like it more dense, smoothie type.

It will only take you 10 minutes. Peel and cut the fruit, add it to the blender and blend everything for a few seconds.

Have you seen how easy?

If you prefer to prepare this recipe with Thermomix, we have left you the steps below.

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How to make a healthy kiwi and banana smoothie

  1. The first step is to choose the fruit that we are going to use. I have used a very ripe and sweet banana, which has saved me from adding honey or additional sugar. In the case of kiwi, I have opted for the yellow variety since they are juicier and sweeter. However, you can also use a green kiwi.
  2. Peel the banana and cut it into medium-sized portions. It is important to cut the fruit a little before blending it to avoid large lumps remaining in the fruit smoothie. Add it to the mixer or blender.
  3. We repeat the process, now with the kiwi. We peel it, chop it and add it to the blender. To peel it, it is advisable to cut it in half and remove the inside with a spoon.
  4. We add a splash of lemon to the blender, which will highlight the flavor of the banana and kiwi. Optionally we add a little sugar, honey or sweetener. I have chosen not to add sugar since the yellow kiwis and ripe banana already give the smoothie or shake a sweet touch.
  5. Add the 100 ml of milk to the blender. If preferred, almond, soy or oat milk can be used. I have used whole cow's milk.
  6. Next we add 4-5 ice cubes. The amount will depend on how thick we like our shakes. The more ice, the more liquefied it will be.
  7. We beat the entire mixture for a few seconds until a homogeneous mixture is formed.
  8. We serve in a glass and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. If you prefer, you can leave it in the fridge or refrigerator for a while so that it is colder.
how to make a kiwi and banana smoothie

Prepare a banana and kiwi smoothie or shake with Thermomix

If you prefer, you can use the food processor or Thermomix to make this fruit smoothie.

The procedure is the same, but instead of adding the ingredients to the blender glass or we put them in the Thermomix glass.

Once we have all the ingredients inside peeled, cut and prepared to be crushed, we program the food processor for about 30 seconds at a speed of 7.

Properties and benefits of fruit smoothies with kiwi and banana

The banana and kiwi shake, smoothie or smoothie is perfect for incorporating all the best of these two fruits into our body.

This shake contains vitamin C and lutein, two powerful antioxidants that help fight the presence of free radicals that can oxidize a large number of cellular structures.

Both kiwi and banana are a source of potassium, an essential component for the proper functioning of the nerve impulse and, therefore, the neuromuscular functions of the body.

The vitamin E present in kiwi also helps slow down the aging processes.

So now you know, if you are hungry and don't know what to drink, prepare a fresh kiwi and banana smoothie and enjoy a healthy and simple recipe.

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I started cosmorecipes in 2020 during the time we were cooped up at home. Having so much free time I spent a lot of time in the kitchen trying different dishes. So I decided to mix cooking with my other great passion: web programming. That's why I decided to open this blog where I post the different recipes that I'm cooking.

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