Indian mango lassi recipe

Mango lassi, traditional Indian recipe

The lassi is a traditional Indian drink prepared with yogurt and fruits . It is very refreshing, perfect for withstanding the powerful heat of the Indian country.

I had the opportunity to try the lassi in a popular place in the city of Varanasi, next to the Ganges river. I remember that we drank it in a ceramic glass and once finished we had to break it on the ground. Curious, right?

I actually had quite a few during my trip to India and Nepal. When I returned to my city I decided to incorporate it into my recipe book. cool summer smoothies .

Today, in cosmorecipes, I tell you how You can also prepare an exquisite lassi yogurt shake prepared with one of the most delicious tropical fruits, the mango. In this way you can move to India through its flavor.

Is a very simple recipe to prepare and designed to withstand hot summer days. We only need a mango, preferably very ripe, and a bit of yogurt. It is also very common to add some spices (as is typical in Asian countries) such as cardamom and turmeric.

If you have a sweet tooth and you don't have enough of the sweetness of the mango, you can add a little sugar to the smoothie.

Easy right?

Well let's prepare it!

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How to make mango lassi

  1. The first step is the most important. Choose a good ripe and sweet mango as it will be the predominant flavor of our yogurt smoothie.
  2. We peel the mango and cut it into cubes. We add the pieces to the blender.
  3. We put the kefir or the yogurts inside the blender glass. We have opted for natural yogurts. However, you can also use Greek yogurt, which gives the lassi a creamier touch.
  4. We add the cardamom with the rest of the ingredients. If we opt for the seeds, it is important to know that the skins will remain in the smoothie.
  5. Finally we add a pinch of turmeric and optionally a little sugar.
  6. We beat everything for a few seconds until we obtain a homogeneous mixture. Another option is to blend everything, but leaving some pieces of mango.
  7. We let it cool in the freezer or refrigerator and we can now enjoy this exquisite Indian drink, the mango lassi.
mango lassi step by step

Preparation of mango lassi in Thermomix

The mango smoothie or lassi can also be prepared with a Thermomix or food processor. We repeat the previous steps, but instead of putting the ingredients in the blender glass we add them into the Thermomix glass.

Blend for 1 minute at speed 6 until there is a homogeneous mixture of the ingredients. Optionally, you can add a few pieces of mango to the mixture once crushed.

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