Easy recipe for vegetables with chicken in pita bread

Chicken is a healthy and delicious meat to accompany our cosmorecipes. Furthermore, if we add a good pita bread then we already have the perfect recipe. Try vegetables with chicken in pita bread and discover a world full of flavors.

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Recipe for vegetables with chicken in pita bread step by step

  1. Cut the peppers, remove the stem and seeds, cut into thin strips.
  2. Also cut the onion into thin strips.
  3. Cut the tomatoes into quarters.
  4. Cut the chicken into strips.
  5. Season with salt, pepper and ground cumin.
  6. Grill the vegetables and chicken with a little olive oil.
  7. Don't overcook the tomatoes so they don't fall apart.
  8. Mix all the vegetables and chicken, put the mixture on a pita bread and wrap.
  9. It can be served with salad and French fries.
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Ruben Canadas

I started cosmorecipes in 2020 during the time we were cooped up at home. Having so much free time I spent a lot of time in the kitchen trying different dishes. So I decided to mix cooking with my other great passion: web programming. That's why I decided to open this blog where I post the different recipes that I'm cooking.

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