recipe for noodles with vegetables

Recipe for noodles with sautéed vegetables

The recipe that I bring today is very simple and easy to prepare. But if you are a lover of pasta and especially noodles, you will love it.

I love this recipe for noodles with sautéed vegetables since we can make many variations. We will see how to prepare the pasta by sautéing the vegetables and we will add the option of making an exquisite homemade pesto sauce.

Also, at the end I explain the variation of the dish with chicken and soy sauce. If you prefer, you can also cook it with beef or shrimp.

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How to cook sautéed noodles with vegetables

  1. We put water in a saucepan over high heat. We leave until it starts to boil.
  2. When it starts to boil, add a pinch of salt and add the noodles. We let it cook for the time indicated on the product package.
  3. At the same time, chop the onion and dried tomatoes.
  4. Cut the zucchini (preferably leave the skin on) into small pieces.
  5. We add the onion first and when it begins to brown we add the rest of the vegetables.
  6. We sauté the vegetables for a few minutes.
  7. Next, we cut the cherry tomatoes in half, add them to the pan and sauté the entire mixture again.
  8. Finally we add the already cooked and drained noodles. We let it cook for a few minutes so that all the flavors mix.
  9. We serve the noodles with vegetables. Season with salt and pepper to taste and decorate with parsley.

I love preparing this dish with an exquisite pesto sauce. Next, we explain how to prepare it.

Pesto sauce ingredients

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Making pesto sauce for pasta

  1. We put the 40 grams of pine nuts in a frying pan and heat them.
  2. Next, we add them to a glass prepared to blend and add the peeled garlic, the basil leaves and a good amount of olive oil (preferably extra virgin).
  3. We add a little salt and blend the entire mixture.
  4. Once the noodles and sautéed vegetables are cooked, pour the pesto sauce on top.
  5. We already have a delicious pasta recipe with pesto vegetables!

Recipe for noodles and vegetables with chicken and soy sauce

This is a recipe variation that reminds me of my vacation in Thailand. The typical dish of this country is Pad Thai. Which consists of noodles with vegetables and chicken or shrimp.

It is for this reason that I love to prepare this variation of the noodles recipe with sautéed vegetables.

To prepare this dish we simply have to follow the steps that we have explained previously. However, at the same time we have to cut two chicken breasts into medium pieces and add them to the sautéed vegetables.

I recommend making the chicken in a separate pan and when it is practically cooked we add it to the vegetable mixture.

Finally we add a little soy sauce that we will find in any supermarket and we can now serve the dish.

Now you can enjoy this recipe for noodles with an Asian touch!

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