chocolate panellets recipe

Easy recipe for chocolate panellets

During autumn days I like to prepare typical dishes and sweets of that time. Last week was All Saints' Day and Halloween and I prepared some delicious chocolate panellets with my parents' recipe, who have been making them for many years around this time.

This recipe is surely something different from the others that you can find in books or other cooking blogs. Normally chocolate panellets are prepared using cocoa powder and making the panellet dough directly with this cocoa.

However, in my house we have always prepared the dough for the chocolate panellets with the classic ingredients: potato (or sweet potato), ground almonds and sugar.

What we do is cover them with a good layer of melted chocolate for dessert and some of us add a little grated coconut or chopped almonds.

So now you know, if you like sweets you can't miss these delicious chocolate panellets.

If you want to try other types of panellets you can't miss our coconut panellets recipe .

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How to make chocolate panellets

  1. We start by boiling the potato in a saucepan or pot with plenty of water. The potato should be completely covered by water. Let cook over high heat for a few minutes. If we see that the water evaporates we add more.
  2. To check that it is completely cooked, we take a knife or fork and prick it. If we can make a hole easily, effortlessly, it means it's done. We take it out, peel it and let it cool.
  3. In a bowl add the sugar and ground almonds. When the potato is cold we also add it to the bowl.
  4. Crush and mix all the ingredients vigorously until a homogeneous mixture remains. Then we leave the panellet dough in the fridge for 1-2 hours to cool down.
  5. After this time we take the bowl with the panellet dough out of the fridge and make little balls with our hands until the dough runs out.
  6. We break the chocolate to undo and put half a tablet in a microwave-safe bowl with a little milk. We should not put the whole glass, just a little.
  7. We put the bowl in the microwave and let it heat for a maximum of one minute. We take out the bowl and stir everything with a spoon. We can also undo the chocolate in a bain-marie using a casserole.
  8. If we see that it is not completely undone, we repeat the process. It is important that when the chocolate is dissolved it does not have lumps. If we see that it has lumps and is very thick, we add a little more milk again and stir.
  9. Once we have a thick mixture, but without lumps, we let it cool for 1-2 minutes. During this time we will prepare a tray with a little baking paper where we will leave our panellets.
  10. Now is the time to cover all the panellets with melted chocolate. We take a ball of panellet dough and put it inside the bowl where the melted chocolate is, covering the entire panellet.
  11. We take it out and put it inside the tray. We are repeating this process with all the balls that we have prepared.
  12. Optionally we can add coconut shavings on top of the chocolate or almond pieces to prepare chocolate and coconut panellets or chocolate and almond panellets.
  13. Once we have all the chocolate-coated panellets, we put the tray inside the refrigerator. Let cool for at least an hour.
  14. We can now enjoy some delicious chocolate panellets perfect for autumn. We can accompany them with sweet potato or baked chestnuts.
how to make chocolate panellets
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