baked rice, grandmother's authentic recipe

Grandma's Baked Rice Recipe

Today's recipe is typical of Valencia: baked rice. It is a recipe that was born with the aim of taking advantage of the leftovers that we had in the fridge such as vegetables or meat. However, over time it has become an iconic recipe in the Valencian community.

How could it be otherwise, my first contact with baked rice was during a trip to Valencia. In a tiny restaurant near the train station I ate the best dish of baked rice I've ever tasted.

Since then it is a dish that I like to cook on Sundays. However, I have never managed to do it as good as in that Valencian restaurant.

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How to make the authentic baked rice step by step

  1. We begin our preparation by peeling a potato and cutting it into thin slices. We fry these sheets in a pan with oil until they acquire a crispy golden color. Once ready, we remove them from the oil and set them aside for later use.
  2. Now we proceed to cut a tomato into thin slices. Sauté these slices in a pan until the tomato becomes soft and aromatic. After this process, we remove the tomato slices from the pan and reserve them for later use.
  3. We take the pork ribs and cut them in half, seasoning them with our favorite spices.
  4. Then, we brown them in another pan with hot oil. Once they get a nice golden brown, we remove them from the pan and set them aside. Next, we cut the bacon into smaller pieces and added them to the same pan.
  5. After achieving the browning, we remove the bacon along with the ribs. We finish by incorporating the black pudding, sautéing them until they are cooked, and then removing them.
  6. We continue adding saffron, tomato sauce, chickpeas and rice to the same pan. With our expert hands, we apply a touch of seasoning and sauté the ingredients to blend their flavors.
  7. We carefully transfer the set of ingredients to a clay pot. We place the ribs, bacon and blood sausage inside. We add the potatoes and tomato slices to further enrich the mixture.
  8. We place the head of garlic in the center of the casserole and pour the broth. We put the clay pot in the oven preheated to 220ºC for approximately 20 minutes.
  9. We take the clay pot out of the oven. We let it sit for a few moments, allowing the flavors to mix. After this short rest, the dish is finally ready to be shared and enjoyed by all of us.
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