baked lobster gratin recipe

Recipe for baked lobster gratin with potatoes

Seafood is a highly prized food in Spanish cuisine and more specifically in the Mediterranean and Cantabrian Sea regions. It is very common to prepare recipes with this type of crustaceans during Christmas meals.

Today I bring you a recipe for baked lobster garnished with potatoes and salad. I always prepare this dish at Christmas dinner for my friends and family. You can also use other types of crustaceans for this meal such as lobster or mix different crustaceans.

The results are amazing thanks to the powerful flavor of this type of seafood. It is for this reason that I recommend always having very fresh lobsters for this recipe. However, if you have them frozen, we also give you a few steps to follow to defrost them correctly.

I recommend this dish for both expert cooks and beginners as it is a super simple dish to prepare and with guaranteed success.

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How to make baked lobster

  1. We take a casserole, put water in it and leave it over high heat until it boils (this step is only necessary if we have frozen lobsters).
  2. We preheat the oven to 200 ºC.
  3. Once the water boils we put the 4 frozen lobsters for 10-15 minutes. If you don't have them frozen then skip this step.
  4. Cut the 4 lobsters in half and reserve.
  5. Chop the onion into very small pieces. Put the onion in a pan with butter and when it starts to brown add the half glass of Brandy along with the tablespoon of mustard.
  6. Next we add the liquid cooking cream and stir for 5-6 minutes over medium heat.
  7. Chop the chives and add the pieces to the sauce that we have just prepared. We stir the mixture.
  8. We put the sauce that we have just cooked on top of the lobster halves, we put the grated cheese on top and we leave them in a suitable baking dish.
  9. We put the lobsters in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 ºC.
  10. While the crustaceans are baking, cut the potatoes into slices. I like to prepare them spiral style.
  11. We put abundant oil in a frying pan and when it is hot we add the potatoes that we have just cut.
  12. We let fry the necessary time so that they are very crunchy.
  13. We are checking the lobsters until they are golden.
  14. We serve the crustaceans on 4 plates, add the fried potatoes and add salt to taste.
  15. We can also accompany this dish with mesclun lettuce and cherry tomatoes cut in half.
  16. All we have to do now is enjoy this exquisite recipe for baked lobster au gratin!
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