canario lentil stew recipe

Grandma's Canarian lentil stew recipe

I love the gastronomy of the Canary Islands. Their wrinkled potatoes with mojo, their cheeses, the Canarian ranch, the millet broth. Just thinking about these dishes makes my mouth water!

Canarian gastronomy is characterized by its simplicity, its variety and the richness of its ingredients coming from the entire Canary archipelago. Furthermore, its cuisine has been highly influenced by the Latin American people, giving it very curious touches.

In the Canary Islands they eat a lot of vegetables and the most typical way to eat them is cooking stews.

Today I bring one of my favorite recipes from these fabulous islands: Grandma's Canarian lentil stew with vegetables. We will do it without suffering anything. We will simply cut the vegetables, put them in a pot and let all the ingredients cook. Have you seen how easy?

You will impress all your guests!

Let's go to the kitchen!

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Ingredients for stew with lentils

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How to make lentil stew with vegetables and Canarian chorizo

  1. Cut the onion and garlic cloves into small pieces.
  2. Cut the zucchini and pumpkin into small cubes.
  3. We put a splash of olive oil in a pot and pour the vegetables that we just chopped.
  4. Now it's time to add the chorizo ​​and optionally the blood sausage and bacon to the casserole.
  5. We peel the corn cobs, cut each one in half and put them in the pot.
  6. We cut the potatoes (potatoes) into small cubes and add them to the mixture.
  7. Finally it's time to add the main ingredient, the brown lentils. We pour them into the casserole.
  8. Season the mixture to taste. I recommend adding a pinch of salt since the bacon, blood sausage and chorizo ​​are already salty. We also add paprika to enhance the taste of the recipe.
  9. We pour the water making sure that it completely covers all the ingredients and that the water level is 2-3 fingers above.
  10. Let the stew cook over medium heat. It is important to monitor the water level of the stew so that it is not too dry or too thick. If so, add one more glass of water.
  11. We are checking the cooking level of the potatoes. When they are tender we can take out the chorizo ​​and the blood sausage, cut them into pieces and add them back to the casserole with the rest of the stew ingredients.
  12. If necessary, leave it on low heat for 5 more minutes and serve.
  13. We can now enjoy this typical dish from the Canary Islands!
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